Friday, 17 June 2011

Flower girl

A few months ago Isabella was a flower girl for her Aunty Amy's wedding. She knew it was a big day. For the last two months she had been admiring the "Amy-Josh wedding shoes" as she called them. I had stored the white, ballet bling shoes up high in a shoe box but somehow she always managed to coax me into letting her wear them at least every few days. When she put these little shoes on, the clip-clop of the tiny heels kept her amused for hours. In these shoes she was no longer a baby girl but a big girl.

When the big "Amy-Josh Wedding Day" arrived, it was finally time for her to wear the much-awaited for wedding shoes. This time she could actually keep them on and wear a beautiful flower girl dress to match. The dress was gorgeous - a delicate vintage dress with lace trimming, pearl buttons and silky ribbons. Once she was dress she knew she looked beautiful. While all the bridesmaids and the bride were having photos and buzzing around adding last minute touches to their hair and makeup, Isabella sat on the staircase, as poised a princess, back straight, head tall, observing all the excitement in the room below.

When it was time to walk down the aisle, she and her cousin Will, who too was only young at 3 years of age, walked all the way down the aisle holding hands. I was one proud mumma! She did so well and looked absolutely beautiful, just as the bride did!

After the wedding she took to the floor and danced up a storm, moving and grooving. She even tried to pick up a little lad who was wearing a suit and bow tie. But he palmed her off saying she was too old for him...a couple of months is a big age gap when you’re talking one year olds.

It was a day she may forget but we never will. Her day as a flower girl marked the day when she was  no longer a baby but our little toddler lady! 

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