Sunday, 31 July 2011

Creating fun under house arrest

Last month we had one of those weeks where i felt like we were under house arrest. Issy came out in about three pimply spots which grew to around seven by the end of the day. They looked just like the chicken pox spots i had as a kid. This meant no day care for two days and no work for me. So we had a week at home. No going out. No play dates. No visits to the library. No playgrounds. I didn't want to infect any kids, pregnant woman or immunise comprimised people (all of which exist in my extended family). Plus, we also couldn't even step outside in our own backyard. Outside it was blowing a gale and my local area had been declared a disaster zone. Trees were toppling over everywhere - on houses, trains, and roads. It was a good week to stay indoors anyway.

Thankfully, Isabella was in a happy place. She didn't seem sick at all so that was a bonus.

But i felt slightly overwhelmed. How I am i going to entertain my 22-month-old for five days straight, inside our shoe box sized house without venturing outdoors? I just had to be creative and make an effort. So over the next five days we had fun doing a number of different activities ranging from craft, cooking, imaginative play, dancing, reading and TV time.

Here's a few of my favourite I thought I'd share. Perhaps if you have kids you could try them out on a rainy, indoor day.

I should also add that after all that effort to remain indoors, locked away from society, Issy didn't have the chickenpox afterall! It was just a side effect of the vaccine.

Although we put ourselves under house arrest for the week I don't think I would change it looking was a lot of fun most days. I also got a lot of cleaning done. But by Friday I was quite ready for a break and a trip outdoors!

Sugar-free, gluten free, apple and blueberry muffins. They were yummy!

Cooking with a toddler puts new meaning to the phrase, "Cooking up a storm."

The new doll's house made out of two fruit boxes and a couple of shoe boxes was the hit of the week.
We painted the house and stuck pictures on the walls. Issy had fun putting dolly to sleep and waking her up and putting her to sleep and waking her up and putting dolly to sleep...yes, just like that for about an hour or two each day! It was so cute to listen in and hear her conversation mimic the conversation Luke and I have with her around bedtime.

Some cute, painted wooden beads I had picked up from Aldi a few weeks ago
came in handy. She loved the bright colours and little faces.

Playdough! This is so messy and the entertainment factor lasts about five mins.
I wouldn't say it was the best but if you can be bothered cleaning up afterwards it's five
minutes of creative fun.

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