Sunday, 16 October 2011

Turning two

Time has passed quickly once again and this blog was almost forgotten! Well, Isabella has recently had her second birthday. She appeared to know all about it and asked for “birthday cake” as soon as she woke up. Then again, we had been to a lot of birthdays lately and her birthday is the very last one in a long line of family birthdays. Finally, it was her turn.

The cold and rainy weather put a stop to our backyard party plans but thankfully Grandma & Pa O'Connell were happy to host the party at their place.

When Issy was all dressed up in her pretty fairy dress she rushed out to show her Daddy, “Look, Daddy,” she beamed with excitement. “Oh, so beautiful,” Luke said. Issy smiled a wide toothy grin. She knew she looked gorgeous.

At the party, she had an absolute ball being the centre of attention (every two year old’s dream) and having present after present to unwrap. She would tear open the paper, glance at the present and toss it aside, asking "more?" or want to play with it, suddenly uninterested in the next gift-wrapped parcel.

 When Issy wasn't feeding herself another 100 and something Jatz biscuit, she was playing with the birthday present Luke and I gave her - a cheap but cute plastic doll's house. Issy with her two little friends, Zoe and Maddy, somehow managed to play with the doll's house together without fighting. Their favourite role-play appeared to be putting each dolly on the toilet to do a poo. This got them laughing. Three weeks on, Issy still loves the doll's house and the family which includes "little mummy", "new daddy" and "baby." We were a bit confused at first when she started asking, "Where's my new daddy?"

When it was birthday cake time we got Issy to sit at the head of the table and everyone surrounded the table to sing “Happy Birthday.”Seeing Issy’s face light up while everyone sang (and she sang along) brought joy to Luke and I’s hearts. Not just because she was happy but because she was surrounded by people who love her. At such a young age, it’s such a blessing to have so many people love and care for you. Not every child has a loving home or a large extended family to envelope them in love (and presents).

So now with a two-year-old in the house we are have many things to laugh about and also lots of cheeky behaviour to test our patience!

But I’ll write all about that some other time. For now, I am off to clean up all the stickers that have been stuck to the carpet in the lounge room. Wish me luck!

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