Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New business venture - am I crazy?

I got a little bored in the school holidays and decided to start a new small business. It's an online recycled vintage and retro store.

It was a little out of nowhere and not really thought through. I just thought, why not!? And did it.

So here it is:

I am just starting out on Facebook at the moment. I hold a Wednesday night market each week from 8pm where I post all my finds for the week. I've found some amazing things in the last few weeks including a vintage sewing machine, mid-century two seated lounge, antique juice bottles, vintage kitchen chairs, retro Tupperware, a 1960s musical toy for children, retro thermos flasks, enamel bowls, vintage tea cups and more.

I love going to different places to hunt out vintage and retro wares. I love the story that goes with each piece. I like to ask about who it belonged to and how old it is. Many of the things I buy come from deceased estates or from older people who are cleaning out their homes and preparing to move into a retirement village. They might think it's junk but I love to find the beauty in it.

If all goes well with my business on Facebook I'll plan on expanding to a website. It's all a bit of fun and not really for profit (although I hope it turns over a little money some time soon!)

I do really miss blogging though. Any spare minute I have is now spent on this new business. I've had no time to just "be", read a book or watch TV. I always make sure I here for the kids but I am certainly more distracted and often multitasking. For example, "Let's play shops, you can be the customer and I will buy these things then take a photo of it."

I am going to give it six months and see how I go. If this doesn't work then I will have to try and find something else. Financially, we are getting to stage where I really need to work. I haven't worked now for more than 12 months. I am itching to get back into work and also relieve my husband of having to support all of us on his income.

But for now, I am just going to give this a go. Hopefully, once things settle down a little in terms of setting up the business, I can get back into blogging soon.

I am wondering though if I am a little crazy for going out on a limb and trying this new business venture out. Have you ever started a small business? Was it a failure or a success?  Do you have any tips or advice? Would love to hear about it!

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Friday, 12 July 2013

Now that you're one

In the days before you were born, I imagined this...

Your colourful, chocolate covered birthday cake. Your squeals of delight. Your chubby feet filling tiny shoes. Your soft and wispy blonde hair. Your wobbly first steps.  Your soft, small hand in mine. The bright splashes of colour in the form of balloons and bunting. The throng of extended family filling our new home to the brim.The laughing, the smiling and the energy that filled the room as we gathered to sing, "happy birthday to you...".

It was this image of your first birthday party that kept me going as rhythmic contractions rippled relentlessly across my tightening belly. I so wanted you here with me, with us, your family. To hold you in my arms and plant kisses all over your face. To take your clenched little hand in my open palm and hold it, never to let go.

When you arrived in this world, I fell instantly in love with you.  After three days of painful pre-labour and no sleep, I was deliriously happy and tired. But that night I did not sleep. I couldn't stop thinking about you. I was reflecting on your journey here to us, imagining who were and would become. I couldn't believe you were just inside my belly and now in my arms. You were such a perfect baby. Sleeping all day and just waking to feed every three hours. I felt like I should be doing more. It seemed all too easy. You were just so content, so happy and relaxed.

It was your peaceful presence that kept me calm when we had to move house two weeks after you were born. Amidst the packing, unpacking, cleaning and continued renovations at our new home I would just stare at you and sigh. What is it like, I would wonder, to just sleep, drink milk and be cuddled all day? Perfect, I would imagine.

One year on and I can't believe you're one already. I lay in bed the night before your birthday and reflected. Where did the time go? How did you suddenly grow so tall? When did you turn from being a baby to a little boy?

Over the last 12 months I've sure loved getting to know you. You have a quiet strength about you and a calming presence that draws people in. You like to discover how things work, especially anything electrical. You seem like a thinker, some may say serious, but I think you're deep, someone who likes to ponder. You are also determined. You know what you want and will try at anything to get it. You are a little louder these days - you've got to be with your big sister around. You like us to know you're here too. You like to squeal, scream and show off your walking legs. You still enjoy bum shuffling more than walking at the moment but it won't take long. You like to bop to music and l smile widely whenever I sing you songs. You love to bounce on your bum on the trampoline and be chased as you shuffle along the lounge room floor. Your favourite toys are plastic balls, hockey sticks, daddy's guitar and anything you can take out of a box, drawer or cupboard. You love to give big wet kisses when I say "kiss" and have little "chats" after I finish breastfeeding you. I love that when I feed you, your little hand will rest on my collar bone, stroking my skin.

When it was time for your party the other day I felt so proud of you. You are such a delight and enjoyed the music, games and cake. The cake was definitely the highlight though - your first taste of sugar. Is that why you haven't wanted to eat your vegetables since then?

We are so happy you are a part of our lives Fin. You fill me, your Daddy, sister and everyone else in the extended family with so much joy. We love you so much.

Thank you God for bringing Fin into our lives - a precious gift of life.

Monday, 1 July 2013

When the kids and I met Kevin Rudd

On Wednesday night I was sitting in front of the TV in complete shock. Kevin Rudd was back as the newly resurrected prime minister.

How could he? Did he just? I can't believe it! Is this really happening? I was feeling a lot of mixed emotions.

It's not like its 2007. We know more about Kevin these days. Some say he's egotistical, smarmy, a prima donna and a control freak.

Yet when my husband Luke phoned me from our local café on Saturday morning to tell me Kevin Rudd was in town, something inside me switched.

I threw off my PJs, got dressed, grabbed my one-year-old son Finlay and sped off into town. I was being overtaken by some strange Kevinator forces. I just HAD to meet him.

This is not me. This is the Kevin '07 me. The former Liberal party voter who viewed Kevin as the new political messiah for Australia, the fresh out of uni graduate who stood up to her right-wing editor and pretty much declared, "In Kevin I Trust".

I always had this "thing" for him. Perhaps it was his charming-smarmy, shiny moon face or the thick, cheesy flow of his political rhetoric, or maybe it was just the way he way he would say "folks" and "fair shake of a sauce bottle."

Perhaps, this "thing" I had for him led me to be like a crazy Rudd groupie on Saturday morning. I ended up running through the freezing cold rain, with my almost one-year-old on my hip, from the car to the café. I bounded up a huge set of stairs and then with a mix of unfitness, nervousness and a dodgy electrical circuit in my heart I experienced a short, unpleasant session of tachycardia. I reminded myself that Kevin has had his own heart troubles too. He'd understand.

Once I recovered, I finally spotted Luke and my three-year-old daughter Issy in the crowd of people that had lined up outside on the shiny, wet, concrete footpath. Everyone was standing out in the cold rain, awaiting with expectation to meet their new recycled leader.

 And there he was.

His shiny and perfectly combed silver locks gleamed under his black umbrella across the street. He crossed the road, edging closer to where I stood. A crowd of people surged forward, trying to get a glimpse.

 "Hi folks, nice to meet you," he said with a shining smile.
Then I thought, this is my chance. I grabbed the kids and pressed into the crowd, squeezing past the journos and video cameramen to meet my 2007 hero.

Cameras flashed all around us but to me it felt like it was just Kev and I standing there alone. We chatted about boring deep and intellectual things like baby milestones and his one-year-old grand daughter.

I then heard an all too eager voice from behind me and a familiar looking head thrust forward to break up the little party of two.  It was my local member who of course wanted to be included in the action.
Towards the end of our conversation my daughter lovingly picked her nose,  who knows where she wiped it but from the look on Kevin's face he must have known something was coming for him.

Once we said goodbye, we watched the Rudd groupies walk further down the street. I was still in disbelief. Even more so when that night around 6pm my husband and I started receiving text messages from our friends.

My husband's mate:

"Just saw your wife on TV. We know who you are voting for!"

My neighbour:

"Did I just see Issy in Kevin Rudd's arms?"

My cousin:

"You look like you're in love."

My aunty:

"Hope he didn't get your phone number."

Our little meet and greet with Kevin Rudd was flashed on screens across five different media networks. Our TV decided not to work that night because of the rain so we tuned in later via catch-up TV on the internet.

After such a crazy and exciting day I found it hard to sleep that night. I had a bad case of political fever.

But it didn't last long...

Despite, my seemingly intimate encounter with Kevin Rudd I am still not any closer to working out who to vote for in the 2013 federal election.

How do you feel about this upcoming election? What would you say to Kevin Rudd if you got the chance?