Saturday, 19 September 2015

Waiting for baby to arrive at 40 weeks

Today is D-day - the due date. The date date that's marked in my diary and calendar as baby's arrival date. The date that i've been counting down the weeks to. The date that I've spoken aloud hundreds of times when my friend, family member, work colleague, local shop owner asks, "What date are you due?"

Our beautiful baby at 20 weeks. It feels like we've
been waiting so long to meet you! 
Now the day has arrived and there's still no baby is sight! This is of course not unusual. Only around 5 percent of babies are born on their due date. I know it's an estimation but this entire pregnancy I have felt like this bub would come early. Perhaps because I'm measuring to date unlike my previous children and that this baby is also measuring larger than my other babies. However, it seems the baby is quite happy just to stay comfortably squished inside of me belly a little longer.

With every twitch and tightening  I get quite excited but each time after a couple of hours of early labour signs like intense back pain and strong braxton hicks coming in regular intervals it all fades away. It's a strange thing when you're wishing for pain to come. I had one strong contraction in my back last night and I said aloud, "Bring it on!" But then my body did not much else.

My obstetrician happens to be away today and she told me I was not to have the baby today so I think she must have spoken deeply into my subconscious!

Our entire family is very excited about meeting baby soon. Issy has been drawing little pictures of her and the baby in her diary,  writing little notes such as, "I love the baby." Fin has been constantly asking to look at my tummy and wanting to kiss the baby. He asked yesterday, "Is that the baby's breastmilk?" pointing at one breast. I replied, yes and pointed out that there were two breasts for breast milk. He replied by saying, "You have breastmilk, I don't have breastmilk, Daddy doesn't have breastmilk and Issy doesn't. One day when I grow up to be a girl I'll have breastmilk." Ha-ha. He's such a funny boy.

They have both been very loving to me and caring. They understand I can't chase them at the moment and that I'm a little more tired that usual. Of course Fin doesn't always get it that I can't carry him when he's tired but if he hasn't hit his wall he's fairly cooperative.

Luke took the kids out this morning and returned with a beautiful bunch of flowers to celebrate 40weeks of pregnancy. I was really touched. He has been so supportive and loving. I feel so thankful that I've married such a beautiful man. I really couldn't ask for a better dad to my kids. He plays with them non-stop when he gets home from work amidst doing jobs around the yard and house. He makes up the best games with them too. Despite the rain yesterday he entertained them for hours with an assortment of made up games.

Issy & I at her 6th birthday party.
I'm 38 weeks here. 
Speaking of yesterday, it was a special day as it was just our family hanging out all day with no other plans. Could have been a nightmare in the rain but we all just took it easy. I really enjoyed making cards with Issy for her friends and playing Sylvanian Families with her. I could tell that she really appreciated it. So often I'm too busy or distracted to spend large chunks of time playing but yesterday it was just perfect. The previous day I was also able to spend some great time with Fin as he rode his bike around the block and in the bush across the road. I've really cherished some special time with both my children before the baby arrives and takes up a lot more of my attention. We also went on a little adventure yesterday. Heading into the bush where there was a recent fire and exploring around a look-out. Already little flannel flowers were bursting from their burnt and charred seed pods, a beautiful reflection of life amidst ruins of charcoal. We then had some arvo tea at a little bakery and raced through the rain. Simple things bring such beauty to life.

This pregnancy has been so different to my previous pregnancy with Fin. I was so stressed with house renovations and Luke was busy most weekends working at the house and during the week he had stepped up to manage his department at work. It was full-on for both of us. I also had a lot of heart rhythm problems in the third trimester (this time it was mainly in the first) which were probably exasperated by stress. Our relationship was also a little strained due to the intensity of renovating, financial pressure, working and parenting a defiant, spirited two-year-old and trying to hold it all together. When Fin was born we also moved back into the newly renovated house two weeks later. It was crazy!! So this time it feels so different. I feel a lot more connected with Luke and the children. Luke and I have also been able to enjoy a couple of dates which have been nice too! It helps to have finished work four weeks ago and to just be able to focus on family and the baby. So nice :)

I feel so happy to soon welcome this new little life into our family. I love my family so much and to me there's nothing better than spending time all together. Sure, things will change with a baby. We're currently at a stage where it's pretty easy to go and enjoy a big day out together. However, it will come again. This babe will come along for the wild ride. I'm sure it will grow to be fairly resilient and use to noise, travel and chaos! Our home is certainly not a quiet one and life can be quite busy at times.

So, when you're ready baby, we are here waiting for you.

We love you so, so much and are incredibly excited to soon hold you and love you.

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